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Hi is there a class action suit against Bids That Gives? There needs to be one set up.

Many people have lost lots of money with them. I joined and paid 1000.00 to be founder. I paid $250.00 one or two months then paid 50.00 for a long time. Never received any products from them.

I joined after Zeek rewards. I did get paid most of my money back from Zeek. The reason I joined Bids that Gives is because Im involved in a non-profit in Rwanda Africa. My 80 yr old friend is living there working with the special needs children and mothers.

Bids said that we could maybe join to get money for the non-profit.

I would have never joined unless I thought they could help the non-profit. Please let me know if you get a class law suit going.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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