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BTG Levels: Understanding the Levels.

When introducing a prospect who wants to sign up in the business inform them that there is a 3-step process to joining and earning every 24 hours with the business:

3 Step Sign up Process

1. Choose a Level ($10-$250 monthly)

2. Send in Your Bids (Money Order or Cashiers Check)

3. Post your ad daily for revenue sharing (no recruiting or sponsoring required)

Examples of the levels: (comparison to the real business world)

$10 – Small Cafe

$50 – Large Cafe

$100 – Small Retail Store

$250 – Large Retail Store (i.e. Wal-Mart)

Bid Purchases: This is what you send in by money order or cashiers check. This is also considered your business product or supply in comparison.

$10 – will earn you very little revenue each day

ANYWHERE IN BETWEEN – up to $25,000 bid purchase max.

$25,000 – will earn you higher revenue on a daily basis

Bids That Give ( hereinafter referred to as BTG) does not offer any

income guarantee and strictly prohibits any BTG Affiliate from making

any statement that can be construed as an income guarantee. BTG

Affiliates only earn money resulting from the sales of BTG’s products

and services to end users. Any reference made to specific levels or

amounts of income or earnings derived from the sales of BTG

products and services are only made for illustration purposes to

explain how the BTG rewards and/or sales commission program

works and should never be construed as income estimates or

projections. There is no income paid for the recruiting of BTG

Affiliates. Affiliates and potential Affiliates are always advised to only

make BTG product and services purchases that the Affiliate can

afford without creating a financial hardship for themselves or their

families. Customers may purchase BTG products and services

without the necessity of joining the BTG Affiliate Program or

participating in the rewards program

Update by user Jun 19, 2013


Original review posted by user Jan 14, 2013

I joined this online company called Bid Ambassadors and ever since the start they have been giving us the run-around. I originally mailed in a money order for $15,000 to their headquarters in Henderson Neveda... Just a few weeks later it was in my account but nothing happened.

I was told that I would start earning from my initial investment and I havent received a dime. Every time I attempt to contact customer support they push me through another chat representative- nothing but hassles.

I can't stand the business, Paying over $250 a month in hidden credit card and banking fees.. This business is definitely a scam, they are taking left and right from innocent people and they are teaching people to do the same

Surely the Security and Exchange Commissions will step in and take action.... It wont be too long until they get shut down just like ZeekRewards did!

The penny auction business is very risky, I wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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You are sooooo right. PROHIBITED Business Type and Model...hmmm sure wonder why I cant use a credit card for membership...

That tells me something right there. People are leaving left and right false claims of making tons of money..

not falling for this one. I suppose if I put that much money into it I would say I was making soo much back too so that people wouldnt learn the truth.


I know that your lying because I am a founder with BTG . I Purchased 50,000 wholesale bids for $25,000 about 6 months ago and I have earned all my money back plus much much more . I also won around $10,000 worth of products on BTGs penny auction


Are you still making money and are you able to pull out? My husband and I signed up as founders back in July 2012.

We have been global ambassadors since and have lost a lot of money, despite all of our recruits. I even convinced my mom to sign up. She took out a loan for $25,000 from her 401K and put it in BTG several months ago and still has nothing to show for it. SHE IS FURIOUS.

We have both requested commissions from our iwallets, but still haven't received any money in our actual bank account. It has been 63 days since we requested money to our bank (totaling over $12,000) and every time we contact customer service, which is only online...we get the same run around that accounting is behind.

At this point, I believe BTG is a SCAM. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.


Yes I too have been waiting for a few months for about $5k that is just sitting in pending. My first request was back in July.

This company is a total scam.

The definition of a Ponzi scheme is paying old people with the new peoples money coming in, that is exactly what they told everyone on a conference call that we needed to work and get 1200 new people to give money so they could pay us out commissions that we already earned on money brought in by others! Yeah stay away from Randy Jeffers he has a history of not paying people.